Dear Loyal Chickencam viewers,

It’s with a heavy heart that I tell you our little flock is no more. After losing our beloved MaryAnne to an illness (I tell that story here), we were devastated to find that our quirky, green-egg laying Americauna Roz was killed by some kind of predator in our yard. We believe a raccoon or a larger bird is to blame for her death.

Since we won’t be able get new chicks until the spring, we set about finding a new home for our remaining hen, Susie Q. Fortunately, a dear friend and her family agreed to add Susie to their flock. Chickens are, of course, social animals who must live among their own kind.

Without chickens, there is no Chickencam. But know that we plan to bring new chicks home as soon as possible and get Chickencam up and running again.

 Thanks so much for your interest…I know there are quite a few of you who enjoy checking in on the antics of our hens. They are terribly missed and we look forward to the clucking, scratching and egg laying that is to come.